Mark Zuckerberg puts the smartphone camera at the center and daclares it to the first Augmented Reality platform. This is a first small step. However, this makes a lot of sense for the users and brings the distribution of AR further.

Apple will probably offer AR features in the next iPhone 8 generation. Including geolocation and SLAM-based functions. This will surely be fun to younger consumers concerning chats or a few app developers, but the decisive business models for the media sector, the trade or the manufacturing industry will not develop.

There are a few reasons for this:

1. You always need both platforms, iOS and Android to bring AR to the masses. Apple was and remains a closed system. The very sad example of RFID chips, which almost exclusively Android users can use, shows what happens when a technological innovation is supported by only one platform.

2. Facebook can integrate more and more business-oriented functions and especially multipliers on all platforms in small steps. For the advertising industry and all other industries that do not like platform restrictions, it is a clear advantage.

3. Apple builds hardware and software. The AR content creation and its distribution is crucial for success. Facebook has as the greatest social network a clear advantage. The creation of videos, picture galleries, 360 ° pictures and even intelligent services will be possible within the Facebook ecosystem. Creating and distributing content is part of Facebook’s DNA.

4. Apple needs to fight with more opponents in the area of Augmented Reality. There is Samsung in the field of smartphone hardware. Google or better Alphabet in the area of platforms. Huge networks and AR/ VR companies.

Conclusion: Since Metaio`s takeover by Apple, the AR community is waiting for AR integration. Facebook’s AR step has significantly changed the game. It will not be easy for Apple to convince brands and advertisers to produce content for only one platform. What the industry needs are cross-platform Augmented Reality standards. The better chance for the realization of these standards is currently at Facebook.