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appear2media is Europe’s leading specialist for the development and operation of professional and highly scalable augmented reality applications for smartphones and tablets. Furthermore appear2media offers all necessary special services for the implementation of exclusive AR scenarios for marketing, education and sales.
The company is currently developing an AR platform for configuring AR white label apps and for automatically linking print products with AR and online content.
Your customers include, among others: Continental, bofrost*, DER Touristik, Siemens, Ernst Klett Sprachen, GU, McDonald´s, DIE WELT, AUTO BILD, SPORT BILD, COMPUTER BILD, Cinemaxx, FOCUS, ARTE, TV-Spielfilm, etc.


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appear2media was founded in December 2012 in Hamburg and Berlin. The company first developed and sold individual AR apps for publishers. It used AR frameworks and recognition technologies from established providers such as Metaio and Vuforia and developed specialized AR apps for the publishing industry. In addition, she developed new concepts and processes for AR content production, linking editorial systems to AR apps and AR business models for refinancing expenses.

It quickly gained the largest publishing and media houses in Germany. Due to the daily production of AR content for newspapers, the number of employees quickly increased to 24 in 2014. appear2media was the first AR company to introduce an AR feature catalogue. This catalogue consisted of almost 50 different AR functions that customers could view and try before booking. A flexible and modular functional layer was created around the proprietary AR SDKs that the company used at the time, enabling the functions to be activated quickly and easily. An own meta AR SDK was created.

The development of very similar AR Apps for the publishing industry led the company to develop an AR App White Label System. A single app structure and functionality with customer-specific branding. This is how the actionList came into being.

The special feature of actionList was the standardized display of interaction elements such as buttons within the apps. The similarity of the falling buttons led on the one hand to a significant reduction in the time and effort required to create content and on the other hand to a rapid familiarization of users with such a user interface.

In the coming months, the company replaced more and more individual offers and services with standardized and reusable solutions and introduced more and more automated processes. These measures led to cost efficiency and a significant reduction in customer expenses.

The actionList became the main product of the company. It grew in connection with the developed backend systems to a modular AR multi-purpose system. The backend now consisted of three main components:

Media Connector – connects analog and digital content automatically
Media Repository – holds and provides multimedia content such as videos, images, 360° perspectives and 3D content optimized for the apps
Analytics – logs every interaction in the AR area so that precise evaluations of user behavior can be output.
At the beginning of 2016, the company also decided to acquire customers outside the publishing industry. Large companies and groups were quickly won in the marketing sector.

In addition to actionList as a standard product, two further standardized offers were created for the projects carried out:

AR Coloring, an AR App based on Unity for the realization of AR coloring books for children
VR360°, a VR White Label App.
Until today, Custom AR Apps are also offered and developed in addition to these three solutions. Three focal areas crystallized, which became the focus for the company:

AR in marketing,
AR as a sales tool
AR in the field of education.
In these three areas, the company has gained large customers and a great deal of expertise. The company continues to specialize in AR solutions for a wide range of users. No other AR company in Europe has produced as many augmented editions as appear2media. Over 500 million issues have been augmented over the last 5 years, mainly through the use of automated systems.

By consistently concentrating on process efficiency, the number of employees has been reduced over time. Since mid-2017, the company has been developing an AR platform that will make AR projects and AR project sales much easier. The central element here is a self-service interface that will enable independent configuration of AR apps and AR content creation. This will enable marketing managers, agencies and publishing staff to create AR App and AR content without IT knowledge.

The company has been self-financed from the very beginning. Completion of the platform is scheduled for Q3 2018.

Company profile

appear2media GmbH & Co. KG

December 2012

state-of-the-art augmented reality white label apps, custom AR apps, AR content production

AR Apps for the measures, runs on almost all smartphones, AR links for printed media

Conversion of the business model from AR Apps provider to AR platform provider

Berlin, Hamburg


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