Augmented Reality Platform

A complete solution for AR apps and AR content production in the professional sector
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appear2media uses augmented reality to link printed images with digital content such as videos, links or 3D models. Thereby, the connection between the recognized image and the digital content is called “couple“.



The Couple Creator is about to revolutionize how publishing company employees, marketing managers and agencies in general will configure their particular AR apps and AR content in the future.








All Couple links and media data are managed from the central Couple Cloud.











The Couple SDK consists of the AR module that can be integrated into already existing apps. Additionally, developers can realize their own AR applications which are based on the Couple platform.

For all companies which do not want to develop their own AR app but still want to use one, appear2media offers a proven white label solution actionList for iOS and Android.

A consistent API interconnects all modules of the platform.

This user-friendly structure enables the customer to easily integrate specialized content management systems and analytics frameworks into the Couple platform.

AR changes the way information is obtained and accessed. Along with the Couple platform, AR represents the complete solution for companies and corporations which want to take a step forward a more connected future.

Lead your company into the future!

The connectivity of real things with digital content changes consumer behavior and business processes.
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